Real Chai Tea

So you’re a little crazy about chai huh?!?

Well of course you are! You’re only human. 

I too am a little crazy (aka completely nuts) about chai tea.

That’s why I quit my job and choose to spend my life making you the best dam chai in town (when I say town, I of course mean… The Universe) 

You and I both know not all “chais” are created equally.  You need passion, love and a whole lotta spice. Which leaves room for just the right amount of tea.

You can rest assured there’s more passion in my blends than in a passionfruit itself. There’s more love than on the loveboat. And there's more spice than any other blends I’ve ever seen.

You can choose from Barista Blend ChaiOriginal ChaiChocolate Chai or  Caffeine Free Chai

RealChai is Australia’s No 1 Premium Chai Tea – made exclusively for Chai lovers. So tasty it makes other Chai’s blush. You can buy chai at any one of our stockists or indulge yourself today and buy tea online from our delicious online chai shop.