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 "Thank you for your prompt delivery 
what a wonderful product. Awesome service and great quality" 
Matthew Gobbo, Horsley Park NSW 

"…the strong rich flavours…leave the supermarket or coffee house tea way behind." Mark Lang, QLD

"Beeeaaaauuuutiful, grand, absolutely wonderful, very tantalising to the palate.  I've tried tonnes of different chai blends and this is superb .  This is the one I will stick to... So, you'll definitely hear from us again"  Kerrie Supple Kallinderis, SA

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What Others Say About RealChai

"Thank you so much I placed an order with you guys a couple of days ago and it's arrived, just in time I might add I'm down to my last cup of Chai.  My husband and I came up to Canberra for a couple of days in January and came across you guys at the Sunday Market and I've got to tell you your Chai is by far the best I've tasted, so thanks."
 Jacquline Campbell, VIC 

 "So glad I had a taste at an expo and bought some. Because I live in the country I could look up your website and found I could order online!  I luv the mornings when I brew a cup and the kitchen fills with an exotic smell. Gets me in the mood for work! Linda Blundell, NSW

"I enjoy my whole experience with RealChai - from browsing to buying to making to sharing & sipping. Great taste & service. :> Love supporting small business. Your chai is the best!" Diana Matterson, NSW

A friend introduced me to RealChai when out families were camping together (she is from ACT, we were form NSW). The weather was cold, but we had the best chai tea EVER. Loved it instantly. We are now in Tassy. Love that your website is so good & that your chai is so warming. Loving your work chai girl. Julie Cheesman, Tas

How to Try RealChai Yourself - Risk Free

So, you’re looking for the best chai. One that tastes great and is easy to make. I know how hard it is to find a really good chai. I can totally remember how frustrating and elusive it was.  I also know how happy you’ll be once you’ve tried RealChai. I know how much you are going to enjoy savouring your freshly brewed chai every morning and beating the three thirty-itis at work.  This is why I want to give you my 100% 30 day money back, risk free offer. Purchase any RealChai blend and I’ll give 30 days to decide whether realchai is the chai for you. If you’re unsatisfied with realchai you can send it back for a full refund. 

RealChai 30 Day money back guarentee