Real Chai

Find RealChai at The National Folk Festival, Canberra 2010

Hey Folkies

*When you are at this years Folk Festival come and try our RealChai (Real tea, real spices, brewed the traditional way, with love). It’s prefect for sipping while watching your favourite acts and will keep you warm on the chilly nights and cool Canberra mornings. Let’s face it who doesn’t love chai at a festival but it’s even better when it’s a prticularily good like RealChai.

RealChai is a Canberra favourite. Loved by locals and visitors alike. Make a point to drop by our stall (look for our stall near the Budawang building) and try it yourself. It is quite possibly the best tasting chai in…well, the known universe! A big call I know but I’m quietly confident… you be the judge.

Trying RealChai is a festival must do! I hope you have fabulous time. Myself and the RealChai team are looking forward to meeting you!

We’ll have hot chai, iced chai and plenty of our handmade blends to take home. I know you’ll be back for more, so keep your cups, help reduce waste and get a discount on all refills.

Happy Sipping!

Anthea Cahill
(aka the chai girl)