Real Chai

The Perfect 'Slow Food' Beverage

Slow is the new Fast

The slow food movement is a backlash against fast-food. Takeaway burgers. Instant coffee. These things do not bring peace. These things don’t bring real flavour. What they do bring instead is unknown ingredients, refined sugar, artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives and numbers. Lots of numbers. Instead, ‘Slow Food’ is all about knowing what’s in your food. Taking time to savour the preparation and enjoyments of what you consume. Being able to see, and taste the ingredients.

Real, Authentic Chai

Chai tea, or ‘spiced tea’ is exactly this. Originating in India, and known there as ‘masala chai’, chai is a blend of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves. It’s served with lots of milk and traditionally sweetened with honey. It’s boiled in a pot, releasing the beautiful aromas throughout the house as it simmers. You control how much honey/sugar goes in.

Easier than you think

“Finding and blending all those spices sounds like a lot of work” you may say. Which is true. So some people try to overcome this by purchasing ‘chai powder’ — back to square one. There is another option. Hand-blended RealChai, with a specially selected blend of high quality real spices and quality tea.

You can enjoy the experience of making the perfect chai at home or in the office, every time.

Don’t risk another chemical cocktail in powdered chai or instant coffee. Experience lucious, warming RealChai.

Don’t believe us? That’s OK!

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