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What is Chai Tea

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Chai is the word for Tea in many countries around the world. In India, Chai specifically refers to sweet milky brewed filled with delicious spices and black tea. The Indian version of Chai is also called Masala Chai, Spiced Tea or Spiced Chai.

Chai has recently become very popular in Australia. Often when people try Chai in a cafe they are being served a powder or syrup imitation of the real thing. These powder and syrupy versions can taste super sweet and artificial.

The reason I called my company Real Chai is because I constantly had people at markets telling me they didn't like chai. When I offered them a taste of my chai I would watch their faces change in surprised delight. They would exclaim "Oh that's actually really good" and I would find myself telling them "that's because it's REAL chai, not the powdered syrupy version... and so REAL CHAI was born!

If you order a Chai Latte in a cafe beware the powder. Essentially latte means milky. Authentic Chai Latte should be Chai Tea served with steamed milk. Often it's a powder with added hot water and maybe milk. Don't sell yourself short. Ask your barista to be sure. Find out how to make chai tea - the authentic way.

Chai has been a huge part of Indian culture throughout it's history. It's enjoyed across all walks of life and renowned for it's many health benefits contained in the spices. The spices in Chai vary according to region in India. In some areas they may use bay leaves, pepper, star anise or even tumeric. The most commonly found ingredients are cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves.

Yes, technically saying Chai Tea really is a tautology (unnecessary repetition of the same sense in different words) but it really doesn't matter. The most important thing to know about Chai is that it tastes AMAZING. It's one of those taste sensations so good it makes you feel good, try it for yourself today. Try Real Chai Tea today for only $2.50. Browse our online chai tea store to see all our goodies.